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Casino – What Is It All About

There are many people who have heard about Casinos and gambling but may have never visited one, maybe thinking it is illegal or maybe for fear of loss of money. This is a quick reckoner for those who have many questions on what a casino is all about and what goes inside.

What is a Casino? A casino is nothing but a place where gambling is done legally. Yes Casinos are very much legal and there are many laws that govern Casinos and there are also state based laws. Inside a casino many games are played and people play with money, some cases they win more than they played and some lose their money. However everyone has fun here.

Are Casinos hotels too? Technically it is not the case, however a casino is only a place where many games are played, and it can even be inside a mall. However many microgaming casinos do have a hotel attached to them for people to stay there comfortable and play well in to the night as well. In cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City in order to attract tourists there are many casinos that have excellent and luxurious rooms to stay and enjoy.

Can I plan a vacation for gambling? Absolutely. Since many casinos double up as hotels and have good restaurants, it is a wonderful idea to have fun. One can go casino hopping in places like Las Vegas and enjoy the city as well as do gambling. One can also plan to visit nearby tourist places as well.

What games are typically played? Typically a casino would have a lot of slot machines lined up. They usually involve smaller amounts of money. Then typical card games like poker and blackjack are played, the dealer is a casino employee. Other games like Russian roulette are also available.

Will I lose all my money? Not exactly, but if you are a novice it depends on the game you choose to play. For example the slot machines have laws governing the returns. Every casino is supposed to return 93 to 95% of money back to the players. The percentages vary per state laws but over a long period of time this has to be met and software is written to ensure this.

Do the casinos or players cheat? Though there have been rare cases where people have been able to dupe one or two casinos it is not so easy to do so. There are extensive security arrangements done by casinos since a lot of money is involved. Casinos are never allowed to cheat players as there are strict laws governing the casinos. Hence one can play with a free mind just based on luck and some skill.

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What are jackpots? Jackpots are large sums of money that are given to the players. However the combination or which this jackpot would be given would the odds as something like one in a million. Sometimes multiple machines are combined together to form the combination.

Do casinos have a theme? It is not necessary but most casinos do have a theme like an ancient civilization in order to attract more crowd. They also put up nice shows based on the themes.

Do casinos also conduct events? Yes, many casinos have an arena to host a large number of audiences. In these arenas they conduct ticketed shows like magic show or heavy weight boxing bouts and championships.

What are online casinos and how are they different? Many people may not be able to travel to casinos and with the advent of technology it is possible to bring the casino to one’s living room. There are many mobile applications and websites that allow gambling to be done.


One has to register with these sites and can play. Online have some advantages in the sense that there are some free games to be played without real money and also many additional jackpots are given.

What are live online casinos? Live online casinos are nothing but online live relay of a real casino. Players can join an online feed and register with them, and then they are treated to a live feed of the table with an actual dealer behind the desk. Once all players join the game starts and similar to sitting in a casino one can view with the help of a camera.Hope your queries have been answered. We are able to answer the above because we are one among them who run casino. Do not wait for long. Plan a vacation to a casino and have fun.