The Company

Safety and fun is the main thing that a customer expects from a casino. We provide you what you expect and surprise you with more. We provide you great service, safety and fun.

How can one be safe: Will you come empty handed to a casino? Certainly not. You will have your personal pouch, hand luggage and you could have shopped at one of our shops at casino. Do you wish to carry everything with you to play at tables and slots? Why do you want to do so if we provide you with a safe vault to load or dump everything in your hand? Be free. Your items will be safe with us.

Refreshment drink: Our casino is not a small place to come out from it in few minutes. You have lots here. It may take time for you to leave. You do not play just a single game and leave the casino. You will be tempted to play more and more. You need energy. What if a cool refreshment drink is served at your table? You can have a sip by the time you decide on the next move. Alcohol will also be served at customer’s request.

Stay and have fun: Our casino is not a place only for gamblers. We also have various events, malls, restaurants at our place. Won’t it be fantabulous sitting and watching a dance show with a lovely date with your girl friend? A candle light dinner should be an awesome idea to share it with your girl friend at our casino. Colourful fountains, candle light dinner and a great show with your girl friend. Won’t that make you feel like heaven? You can even book a room at our hotel to enjoy the night life at our casino.We have lots more. If you want to experience it, come and visit our casino. You will explore more happiness here.

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